USSU Experience in Excellence Awards

Two instructors in the College of Kinesiology were recognized with well-deserved honours at the USSU's annual awards celebrating individuals who have contributed in ways that improve the academic and non-academic environment for undergraduate students.

Alynn Brischuk, an M.Sc. graduate of the college and sessional instructor, was given a Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of her commitment to bringing enthusiasm into the classroom but balancing that with ensuring that her students have all of the tools and information they need to be successful.  Because this award is voted on by students, it is a true reflection of Alynn's commitment to ensuring that her students have a positive experience in her classroom:

"It is very humbling to be recognized by the students for this award.  It is a continuous work in progress to prepare lectures and also focus on how the content in a movement environment is delivered.  I am grateful that I get to share my passion and enthusiasm for gymnastics with my students.  I genuinely want to see them try, create, and explore movement.  I enjoy seeing them work hard when they are challenged and learn to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.  They’ve let me know that my care and attention to detail are valued.  I hope that I am a positive role model and their experience in Kin 150 is something they will remember."

Current Ph.D. candidate, Lauren Lattimer, was also recognized with the Instructional Support Award at the same ceremony.  Beginning as a teaching assistant in 2012 and a sessional lecturer in 2015, Lauren engages her students in an interactive learning process that is based in respect and effective communication.  These awards are meant to recognize individuals who are committed to enhancing the student experience on our campus and in our classrooms and Lauren certainly does that each time she steps in front of her students.  In their words, "Lauren is always enthusiastic and willing to help. This class has a lot of content but she gives ways to remember and simplify things. Lauren has really made this lab easy to handle. Without Lauren it wouldn’t be the same!”

As a college, we celebrate and offer our congratulations to Alynn and Lauren!

Click here for a full list of the 2015-16 USSU Experience in Excellence Awards.

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