One Credit Research Experience (OCRE)

For undergraduate students

Research is knowledge creation. Research is asking questions and figuring out the best way to answer them. The OCRE classes will give you an opportunity to experience real research related to the Kinesiology classes you are taking.

You will get hands-on experience doing a real experiment, but with a reasonable workload (~ 1hour/week) that matches the one-credit expectation. Class size is small and there is weekly direct contact with the instructor.

What will you get out of it?

  • A true University experience. By taking the OCRE, you will gain exposure to the one mission unique to the University setting – research. 
  • Evidence-based decision-making. This is an important life skill that is highlyvalued both in and out of University. Knowing how to sift through and criticallyevaluate information will help you make better decisions in all aspects of yourlife.
  • Professional outcome. The students in the OCRE classes will create a research poster and present their work at a University-wide Health Science Research conference. 
  • Looks good on resume. This professional outcome can be cited on your resume and is highly regarded in scholarship applications and awards.
  • Hands-on experience. Research experience will give your learning more depth than classroom experiences by engaging you in answering an important question.
  • Honours & Graduate School. Some students may wish to pursue more advanced research experiences such as Honours or graduate school. The OCRE courses will provide you with a risk-free way to find out whether future courses, or even a career, that focuses on research is for you.
  • Sense of accomplishment. You will derive a great sense of accomplishment when engaging in the process of answering a relevant research question.
  • Fun. Working closely with a small group of fellow students and a professor to answer a basic research question relevant to Kinesiology is stimulating and fun.

Are you interested? Contact Keeran Wagner for more details.