Our College research mandate is: Seeking discovery for impact.

Research Themes

The College of Kinesiology conducts research on the role of physical activity, movement, and sport in

  • Indigenous wellness
    • To partner with Indigenous peoples, families, and communities to enhance wholistic health.
  • Healthy aging and management of chronic conditions
    • To optimize physical and mental well-being in aging adults.
  • Child and youth health and development
    • To enrich well-being, growth, and function in children and youth.
  • Human performance
    • To elevate people's capabilities to thrive in various movement contexts.

Guiding Principles

We explore and lead in developing strategies for resolving local and world issues by

  • Creating Impact - Our research advances the field of kinesiology and improves people's lives.
  • Fostering Community - We work shoulder-to-shoulder with Indigenous and other communities.
  • Promoting Collaboration - We lead and foster interdisciplinary research partnerships.
  • Providing Mentorship - We are committed to preparing the next generation of scholars and leaders in physical activity.
  • Sustaining Breadth - Our research cover the spectrum from basic to applied science.