For undergraduate students

Areas of Study

  • Are you interested in working in a health profession, teaching or coaching, program planning, recreation, sharing your love of physical activity with children, adults and seniors or working with athletes?
  • Do you believe physical activity is an important part of living a healthy, well‑rounded life?
  • Would you like a career that could go in many different directions, depending on your interests?

If the answer is yes, a career in Kinesiology may be the right fit for you!

This study route is the most popular of the four offered in the College of Kinesiology. It provides you with the opportunity to pursue many sub‑fields, including physiology, anatomy, health, sport administration and health psychology.

Students interested in the following careers should select this study route: 

  • administration
  • athletic therapy
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • chronic disease health specialist
  • coaching
  • fitness and exercise management
  • health and fitness
  • non‑profit agencies 
  • personal training
  • rehabilitation
  • resorts, parks and outdoor recreation

The flexibility of this program is also a benefit to those interested in pursuing a second degree: 

  • chiropractic
  • medicine
  • nursing
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy (physiotherapy)
  • public health

Are you interested in becoming a high school physical education teacher? This study route is designed so you will graduate in five years with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education. To ensure you will be a well‑rounded teacher, you will specialize in a teaching area in addition to physical education. 

After three years of study in the College of Kinesiology, you apply to enter the College of Education to complete the last two years of the program. Admission into this program is competitive.

The Honours program is an opportunity for students of proven academic ability to participate in their own research project.

Why complete an Honours Program?

The Honours program is an educational experience where the learning is more independent and takes place in smaller classes and seminars.  You explore an area of interest where you develop and conduct your own research project under the supervision of a Kinesiology professor.  When you graduate, it is denoted on your transcripts that you have completed an Honours degree.  An Honours degree is very prestigious and improves your resume.  It can also lead to summer employment, permanent research opportunities, and is excellent preparation for graduate school and other professional programs.  There are also opportunities to present your research at scientific conferences in Saskatchewan and abroad.

What is involved?

Once admitted into the Honours program students will participate in KIN 490.3 a seminar that will assist them in interpreting and presenting Kinesiology based research.

The capstone experience is the Honours thesis, a two-term six-credit unit class (KIN 494.6), where the students work with a faculty member on a research project that interests them.

At the end of the year, students will be evaluated on their research project and presentations.  A single grade is given for the thesis and seminar which is equivalent to three 3-credit units courses.

What are the requirements?

The requirement for acceptance into the Honours program is an average of at least 75% in the last 30 credit units taken. All courses taken in a given term will be included, and in the case where more than 30 credit units have been taken, the total all courses will be included in the average calculation. All applicants must have completed at least 4 of the following 5 required core Kinesiology courses before Term 2 of the year they make their application. These courses are: KIN 222.3, KIN 225.3, KIN 226.3, KIN 231 .3 and KIN 322.3. Students must also have completed, or be registered in, KIN 380.3 

Students interested in pursuing graduate‑level study in the sport sciences (exercise physiology, biomechanics, growth and development, sport psychology, and others) are advised to consider this route.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to preview the academic research world through the College of Kinesiology's One Credit Research Experience.

  • Are you interested in kinesiology and business? A minor in entrepreneurship is also available to kinesiology students.
  • A minor in Nutrition is also available to Kinesiology students.