Research is a unique mission of the University.  Understanding the best practices of knowledge creation and developing the critical thinking required for research are vital life skills.  This is especially so when vast amounts of unfiltered information is so easily available.  The College of Kinesiology believes that these skills are important and strives to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about research and participate in authentic research experiences. This page links to some of those opportunities.

First Year Research Experience (FYRE)

One of the goals of the U of S is to provide students with authentic research experiences during their undergraduate degree. By incorporating meaningful and dynamic research into class curricula, students can take ownership of their work and learning in their first year of study.

The goal is for first-year students to be welcomed into the academic community with the opportunity to:

  • develop an understanding of the research arc,
  • get a sense of research as it applies to learning and discovery, and 
  • gain insight into what it means to think and act like a researcher using discipline-specific methods and techniques.

These curriculum-based opportunities consist of all three elements of the research arc:  

  • developing a question,
  • investigating the question using the tools of the discipline, and
  • sharing the findings with a wider audience.

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One Credit Research Experience (OCRE)

The OCRE courses are unique opportunities for students to get a taste of real research. These one credit courses are attached to main courses in the Kinesiology program and allow students to help design and run real research projects.

Research Assistants and Volunteers

The College of Kinesiology faculty are actively engaged in a wide variety of research.  Often, research projects require assistants to help with participant training, data collection and analysis and these assistants are often undergraduate students. While a large number of projects run over the summer months, research is taking place all year round.  There are a number of ways you find out about these opportunities.  First, you can visit the faculty pages to learn what type of research is being done in the College. Don’t be afraid to request a meeting with a faculty member to discuss your interests and see what opportunities might be available.

You can also look at the Student Employment and Career Centre Jobs and Volunteer Page for postings.

Honours Program

For those students entering their fourth year, the College of Kinesiology offers an opportunity to complete an Honours research project under the direct supervision of a faculty member.  The Honours Program runs from September to April and offers the chance to develop, propose, execute, analyze and present a complete research project.