For graduate students
  • Top-up scholarships for Tri-Council award holders for each year the award is held.  The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides $3,000/year, and the College of Kinesiology provides $4,000/year for Ph.D. level or $3,000/year for M.Sc. level award holders.
  • Nomination of exceptional applicants for the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Dean’s Scholarships ($18,000/year for 2 years at the M.Sc. level, $22,000/year for 3 years at the Ph.D. level)
  • College of Kinesiology Graduate Scholarships  ($16,000/year for M.Sc., $20,000/year for Ph.D.) 
  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship (Valued at approximately $17,000)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship ($10,000 for one year; renewable for a second year)
  • Hourly paid Teaching Assistance and Research Assistance from the College or Research Grants
  • Graduate Student Stipend - Application Form
    • To support First Nations, Metis, and Inuit graduate students studying in health, wellness and community-based research to engage in their individual development and mentorship needs.
    • For more information on this stipend please click here.
  • Graduate Student Travel Award - Application Form
    • To provide funding to support graduate First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students to support travel to present at conferences or in community.
  • Funding for conference travel is available through the following awards:
    • Dean's Graduate Student Travel Fund - Support is provided for graduate students to attend and present their research at a scientific meeting, funds permitting.  Graduate students must be first author on the presentation at the scientific meeting to be eligible for support.  Funding is provided to a maximum of $500.  M.Sc. students can receive support for two scientific meetings during their program.  Ph.D. students can be supported for up to three scientific meetings during their program.  Application Form.  The application deadlines are as follows:
      • August 15 (for September to December travel)
      • December 15 (for January to April travel)
      • April 15 (for May to August travel)
    • The Bob and Rita Mirwald Travel Award - The purpose of this award is to provide financial support for Kinesiology graduate students who are studying in the area of child growth and development and who are traveling to present their research at an academic conference.  Funds from this award may be used for travel for other formal academic study approved by the student's graduate faculty advisor. Application Guidelines and Form.



To increase your potential for funding, it is important to investigate your options early. Contact our Graduate Program Administrative Assistant for information on the funding opportunities above, other options for funding and timelines for applying for funding or admission.