The College of Kinesiology was well represented at the Department of Pediatrics Child Health Research Trainee Day

Several of our graduate and undergraduate honour students presented on their research.

The College of Kinesiology was proud to have several undergraduate students present on their research at the 2019 Department of Pediatrics Child Health Research Trainee Day at Louis' Loft. 

“This research day sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics is an excellent opportunity to listen and learn from undergraduate and graduate students conducting research in the area of child health. The presentations were excellent and the judges posed thoughtful questions that will help us continue to advance our research in child health. The College of Kinesiology was well represented and provided an interesting perspective on research involving children” said Louise Humbert, Professor, College of Kinesiology.

Dr. Corey Tomczak had one student present;

  • Natasha Boyes presented on "Waist circumference determination in children with cogenital heart disease: a CHAMPS cohort study". Nastasha placed first place and described her work as a collaborative, multidisciplinary initiative shared between the Colleges of Kin and Med at the U of S, as well as the Department of Psychology at the U of R. We showed that once you account for physical activity levels, birthweight, sex, and body size, waist circumference was still greater in children with congenital heart disease when compared to their healthy peers. Our finding is not encouraging as it may contribute to future health risks of these children, but we hope to continue our research to look at underlying determinants of waist circumference in children with congenital heart disease.

Professor Louise Humbert had two students present;

  • Hailey Brown presented on "Exploring the Development of Fundamental Motor Skills in a Child with Autism"
  • Sami Leung presented on "Understanding the physical activity experiences of girls who are newcomers to Canada"

Profesosor Saija Kontulainen had one student present;

  • Yuwen Zheng presented on "Boys with grip strength below 50th percentile have 19% lower distal radius bone strength". Yuwen placed second.

Congratulations to all of the students and faculty who represented the College of Kinesiology at this event!

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