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Neuromuscular Physiology Lab

87 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK

The Neuromuscular Physiology Lab is equipped with a Humac NORM isokinetic dynamometer, high resolution muscle ultrasound, Delsys and Grass EMG systems, Digitimer and Grass stimulator systems, and a LabVIEW based data acquisition system. Other equipment includes handheld weights, resistance tubing, handgrip devices and analysis workstations.

The research focus is to examine neuromuscular adaptations to various types of acute and chronic strength training by measuring changes in muscle strength, voluntary and evoked muscle activation, muscle size and architecture, and brain activation via fMRI. Of particular interest is the contralateral effect of unilateral training, known as “the cross-education effect”, which has important rehabilitative applications for conditions presenting with functional limb asymmetries such as unilateral orthopaedic injuries or neurological damage.

Other focus areas include adaptations to acute and chronic training using eccentric (or lengthening) contractions, and training monitoring and recovery from neural fatigue in athletes.