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Laboratory Imaging Muscle and Bone Structure (LIMBS)

87 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK

The overall aim of the research conducted in the Laboratory for Imaging Muscle and Bone Structure (LIMBS) is to better understand how bone strength develops and adapts to modifiable lifestyle factors such as physical activity and nutrition. Our goal is to characterize bone structure and microarchitecture beyond bone mass by applying cutting-edge clinical research scanners, called peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT), to measure bone and muscle structure in studies across the human lifespan.

LIMBS has two scanners: pQCT, XCT2000 (Stratec) and high resolution HR-pQCT, XtremeCT (Scanco). Evidence from our investigations has improved understanding of the determinants of bone strength and fragility and the site-specific role muscle forces and physical activity have on bone strength in the lower limb and fracture-prone forearm. Obtained information provides new targets for pediatric and osteoporotic fracture prevention.