Sport Psychology

Areas of Expertise

This research area is focused upon:

  • Understanding social psychological factors and processes that influence physical activity in multiple areas: sport; health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation.
  • Using our understanding of these factors to influence and sustain change in performance; adherence to interventions, physical function, motivation, self- management.
  • Examining populations such as youth to older adults; sport teams; individuals with chronic disease and physical disability such as arthritis, cardiovascular risk, multiple sclerosis; physical activity and health providers such as coaches, doctors, therapists, counselors, educators
  • Studies about the breadth of social factors affecting and influenced by individuals, small groups (e.g., teams, exercise classes), reference groups (e.g., students, seniors parents, disabled)
  • How this knowledge can be translated into social-behavioural change technologies for use at the level of programs serving people in diverse populations.