This research area is focused upon:

  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers that impact participation in sport, with a particular emphasis on barriers related to a youth’s growth and development.
  • Understanding the mediating and moderating variables that influence sports participation.  (ie: parental involvement, coaching techniques, maturational perception, sport competence)
  • Supporting the development of infrastructure that will enhance participation in sport. Specifically, to increase understanding of the impact of adolescent growth and maturation, within the present structure of team sports in Canada, on longer term (4-year) participation in sport.
  • Using the results to fuel policy changes and create strategies to enhance participation and reduce the number of adolescents that drop out of sport.

Key Faculty and Partnerships

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones,
College of Kinesiology
University of Saskatchewan
(306) 966-5759


Dr. Lauren Sherar
School of Exercise & Health Sciences
Loughborough University, UK
+44 (0) 1509 223285             

Mr. Warren Proctor
Provincial Sport Development
Sask Sports, Inc
(306) 975-0805

Participant Information

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Associated Programs and Organizations:

  • Saskatchewan Hockey Association (SHA)
  • Saskatchewan Soccer Association
  • Basketball Saskatchewan
  • Sask Volleyball
  • Saskatoon Minor Football
  • Regina Minor Football
  • Sask Baseball

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Research Results

The physiological measures have been analyzed.  Click on the links below to see how the different sports measured up.

Overviews are available for the following sports:

Related Research

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