College of Kinesiology

Research Area(s)

  • Pedagogy

Academic Background

  • B.Ed., 1969, College of Education, Physical Education
  • B.A., University of Saskatchewan, 1971, College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology
  • M.Ed., University of Saskatchewan, 1975 Graduate School
  • Ph.D., Bowing Green State University, 1982, Graduate School

Courses Taught

  • KIN 240.3 - The Theory of Pedagogy in a Physical Activity Setting
  • KIN 341.3 - The Practice of Pedagogy in a Physical Activity Setting

Teaching Awards

3M National Teaching Fellowship Award (2002) Society of Teaching and Learning Canada

Master Teacher Award, (1997) University of Saskatchewan

Provost Award for Outstanding College Teaching University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award (2009 and 2001)

Alumni Honour Award (2005) University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association