College of Kinesiology

Research Area(s)

  • Biomechanics & Motor Control
  • Neuromuscular Adaptations
  • Bone Health
My research areas fall under the following College of Kinesiology research themes: Human Performance, and Healthy Aging and Management of Chronic Conditions.


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (1990), University of Saskatchewan 
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (1996), University of Saskatchewan 
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2006), Queen's University
Courses Taught


Co-director of the Biomechanics of Balance and Movement Lab

Current Projects:

  • Walking balance control and falls in the community after incomplete spinal cord injury.
  • Development of upper limb computational models to investigate musculoskeletal loading.
  • The role of muscle, strength and neuromuscular performance in predicting bone properties in children.
  • Fall Arrest Strategy Training (FAST) added to a fall prevention program to improve balance, strength and agility in older women.
  • Evidence to guide clinical decision-making in the prescription of ankle-foot orthoses for children with cerebral palsy and equinus gait.
  • Simulation-based assessment and experimental evaluation of movement retraining to improve stability during walking.
  • Investigating the effect of haptic input on balance control during walking.

Courses Taught

KIN 222.3 - Biomechanics I
KIN 442.3 - Biomechanics II
KIN 803.3 - Biomechanics


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