Behind The Jersey - Jessica Vance

A series focused on Kinesiology student-athletes.

Why did you choose kinesiology?

I chose Kinesiology because I am interested in how the body moves. I ultimately want to become a Physiotherapist, and kinesiology gives me a good base of learning to get into that profession.

Why did you choose to join the Huskies?

The Huskies are an upper class organization that welcomed me with open arms. I am very thankfully that the Huskies let me take this opportunity to play on the Women's Hockey team.

What is your favourite thing about hockey?

One of my favourite things about hockey is that when you step on the ice nothing else matters, it gives you a sense of fun and time away from all the stressors in your life.

What is the best and hardest part?

The best part about being a student athlete is getting to play the sport you love while taking a degree. Not many people can say than get to do that.

The hardest part about being a student athlete is having to miss some classes when we travel on the road. However, the kinesiology profs are more than willing to help us make up that time, which makes life easier.

How do you balance school and sport?

I balance my academics, athletics and commitments by managing my time. I will plan ahead before the day and set time aside for each.

Favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing to do away from the class room and rink is to spend time outside and be at the lake in the summer.

Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model is Marc Andre Fleury. I love watching him play and try to take away things from his game and incorporate them into mine.
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