Behind The Jersey - Emily Koshinsky

A series focused on Kinesiology student-athletes.

Why did you choose Kinesiology?
I chose Kinesiology because it is a degree that relates a lot to health and what I am interested in after I finish playing volleyball. I want to take Nursing when I am done and Kinesiology provides a ton of good classes to help me prepare for that degree and many other post degrees.

Why did you choose to join the Huskies?

I chose to join the Huskies partly because I wanted to live close to my family and be able to see them often, but also because Shelley Dodds assistant coached my Team Sask team and I have never been so impacted by a coach before and I knew I wanted to be coached by her and Mark. I also wanted to represent this province and help make this program successful. 

What is your favourite thing about Volleyball?

My favourite thing about volleyball is hands down the team and getting to practice and play with them everyday. I love competing, and sharing success and making friendships with 15-20 other people is the best part.

What is the best and hardest part?

The best part of being a student athlete is that while getting your degree you get the experience of playing a sport you love which makes school way more fun when you have that to look forward to everyday.The worst part about being a student athlete is school... School is hard and I'm not always the biggest fan of it, learning to prioritize your studying time around game days, practicing everyday, workouts, etc. can be hard especially when you are tired.

How do you balance school and sport?

Balancing everything can be hard, but I am very honest with my coach if and when I am struggling with school, and he knows that school always comes first. I try and stay organized and not leave things to the last minute especially when we have a game that weekend. I use practice and games to destress and give myself mental breaks.

Favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing to do when I'm not at the school or gym is going home to the farm on bye weekends, I also love playing board games, bowling, squash, and some other random games.

Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model is a tough one to choose. In volleyball it is Shelley Dodds because of her competitiveness and ability to make her players better. In life it is my mom, she is exactly who I want to be when I grow up, and is the most down to earth, humble, and kind person I have ever met.

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