An opportunity to celebrate instructors

The Celebration of Teaching was held as part of the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning Celebration Week, April 24-28.

The annual Celebration of Teaching is a special event where we come together to recognize excellence in teaching.  In addition to the Themed Teaching Awards, each college has an opportunity to show appreciation for our finest instructors with the Provost's College Award for Outstanding Teaching.

The College of Kinesiology recipient of the award this year is Shannon Forrester.  Shannon is a graduate of the college and has been an invaluable member of the faculty as a sessional instructor since 2006, teaching a variety of courses across the curriculum, including several core courses required for B.Sc.(Kin) students as well as courses in the ITEP and SUNTEP programs.  She has also undertaken considerable course and curriculum development across a number of Kinesiology courses.  Shannon was integral in the development of Physical Activity of School Aged Children & Youth, a course to prepare students for subsequent enrolment in the College of Education and designed to be more relevant to ITEP and SUNTEP students.

As a passionate teacher and true lifelong learner herself, Shannon has continued to pursue her own development as an instructer by attending workshops and sessions offered through the Gwenna Moss Centre and taking advantage of opportunities within the college. Her student evaluations are a testament to her commitment to ensuring the classroom is a safe, respectful environment where all students can succeed, adjusting her teaching and approaches to meet the needs of that group of students. Shannon's teaching philosophy is well-articulated and thoughful, and she elegantly translates words into action in support of her students.

The College of Kinesiology would like to congratulate Shannon Forrester, this year's very deserving recipient of the Provost's College Award for Outstanding Teaching.

S Forrester - Provost's College Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2017

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