Women's Health

Women and girls' physical activity and health

The focus of this research area is on understanding the role of physical activity experiences, including sport and exercise, in women and girls’ health and well-being.  It is a multidisciplinary research area that focuses on both the psychological and physiological aspects of women and girls’ physical activity and health.

Key investigations in this research area include:

  • the role that exercise plays on a girl’s physical growth and maturation and adult health status;
  • the effect of exercise training and ibuprofen for reducing inflammation and improving bone health in senior women;
  • the role of physical activity during growth as a preventive measure against loss of bone and muscle mass during menopause;
  • activity-related and disease-related processes that are central to women’s physical activity adherence;
  • the experiences of girls and young women in physical activity settings;
  • the role of physical activity in women’s musculoskeletal development;
  • understanding the complexities of emotional experience and self-concept issues; and
  • the role that physical activity and high performance sport plays in the health of girls and women.

Researchers in Women's Health