Kinesiology Research Showcase 2021

Over 20 presentations were made in a four-day span as the College of Kinesiology celebrated its 2021 Research Showcase

The College of Kinesiology and College of Kinesiology Graduate Student Executive is pleased to present the 2021 Kinesiology Research Showcase Book of Abstracts.

Compiled for the Research Showcase that took place virtually from March 29 - April 1, the book features abstracts from the presentations that were made by undergraduate honours students, a post-doctoral fellow, faculty and graduate students. 


College of Kinesiology Research Showcase Book of Abstracts 2021


Below is a list of the presenters and presentations in the order they were made:

Undergraduate Honours Students

Horace Lam: "Investigating the reliability of the Xsens inertial motion capture system for dynamic balance measures"

Kalie Schemenauer: "The effects of postactivation potentiation on vertical countermovement jump height"

Jasmine Petit: "How are sex- and gender-based analyses included in current research examining walking?: A Scoping Review"

Alexa Koupantsis: "The state of sex- and gender-based analysis in standing balance research"

Saiyuga Suthaakarann: "Self-perceived heart disease risk in South Asian Canadians"

Fatima Ali: "Exploring physical literacy development through multi-activity engagement"


Post-Doctoral Fellow & Faculty

Dr. Kenzie Friesen: "Is sporting task movement variability associated with athlete body composition?"

Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones: "From punk to professor: My research career 1981-2021"

Dr. Saija Kontulainen: "Bone fragility prevention: Working against gravity"

Dr. Phil Chilibeck: "The effects of wearing a face mask on exercise performance"


Undergraduate Honours Students

Abdirahim Absher: "Effects on metabolism of consuming low and high glycemic index carbohydrates prior to intermittent sport; A meta-analysis"

Iqbal Azhar: "A meta-analysis of high versus low GI foods’ effects on sports performance"

Kaitlyn Benko: "Physical activity adequacy and physical activity – Exploring antecedents, moderators, and mediators"

Alexandra Bristow: "Menstrual function and dysfunction rates and experiences in female athletes"

Sam Girgis: "Sex specific relationships of social support and sedentary behavior for Indigenous adults"

Omar Hafez: "Understanding the experience of individual’s dancing the Red River Jig and how it affects their health and well-being"

Aafia Maqsood: "Nordic walking intervention for residents in long term care: Identifying care-leaders interests and preferences"


Graduate Students

Matthew Chapelski: "Are the bone health benefits observed in young recreational gymnasts still present in adolescence?"

Mahdi Rostami Haji Abadi: "Bone health in children and youth with ASD: A systematic review and meta-analysis"

Jackson Lordall: "Exploring the influence of settings on spatiotemporal stride parameters during walking at different speeds in young adult males and females"

Adam Luchkanych: "ATP attenuates adrenergic and peptidergic vasocontraction in cerebral arteries"

Justin Pifko: "Biomechanics of older men and women during controlled forward descents in response to Fall Arrest Strategy Training (FAST)"

Nathan Reis: " “That’s how I am dealing with it – that is dealing with it”: Exploring men athletes’ self-compassion through the lens of masculinity"

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