Corey Tomczak

    Dr. Corey Tomczak

    Assistant Professor

    Contact Information

    PAC 315
    (306) 966-1066

    Research Areas

    • Cardiac Physiology
    • Cardiac Remodeling
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Academic Background

    • Postdoctoral Fellowship - Rehabilitation Medicine (University of Alberta)
    • Doctor of Philosophy - Rehabilitation Medicine (University of Alberta)
    • Master of Science - Kinesiology (University of Regina)
    • Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Luther College, University of Regina)

    Courses Taught

    • KIN 426.3 - Cardiovascular Exercise Pathophysiology
    • KIN 808.3Data Analysis in Kinesiology
    • KIN 898.3 - Selected Topics in Cardiovascular Physiology: Cardiovascular Regulation

    Current Trainees

    • Natasha Boyes, MSc Student 08/15 - current (Funding: CIHR, Dean's Scholarhip)
    • Stephanie Fusnik, MSc Student 08/15 - current (Funding: Graduate TA Award; Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship)
    • Dana Lahti, BSc Honours Student 
    • Shayne Hayward, BSc Honours Student 

    Past Trainees

    • Josie Fries, BSc Honours (08/15 - 04/16).
    • Elizabeth Hogeweide, Summer Student (05/14 - 08/14, 06/15 - 08/15). Current Position: MD student, University of Saskatchewan

    Graduate Training Opportunities

    • Dr. Tomczak has 1 Master of Science position available for September 2017. The future trainee will perform cardiac physiology research in healthy humans or those with chronic cardiovascular conditions. Research may be conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the Royal University Hospital (Cardiology & Medical Imaging), University of Saskatchewan (Kinesiology), or University of Alberta (Cardiology). Interest should be directed in early 2016 to Dr. Tomczak at with:
      1. Unofficial transcripts
      2. A brief summary of prior research experience and/or an expression of interest in pursuing graduate studies
      3. A brief summary of how an MSc in Kinesiology with training in cardiovascular physiology will advance their career
    • The successful candidate will be provided strong guidence in securing funding for their MSc program.
    • NSERC and CIHR Master's funding applications will be due December 1, 2016. Plan early!